"Quite simply, Ollie's kitchen is my favorite restaurant !" - Cédric Dupaquier, Captain of the boutique hotel barge Le Papillon.


Whether it’s a breakfast, lunch buffet, sit-down dinner, wedding or canapé party, Ollie caters for all types of events. Make yours memorable with her unique and creative style.


Cooking classes

Ollie offers students a variety of cooking workshops based on her training in classical French cuisine. Learn how to create your favorite appetizers, mains and desserts in a real French kitchen.


chef insolite 

Have you ever dreamed of having your own private chef? Ollie will help you create an unforgettable, gastronomic dining experience in your own home for an intimate group of family and friends.

"The meal that Ollie prepared for my cousins wedding was unforgettable. The saumon mi cuit and the magret de canard were outstanding, as well as everything else on the plate. The fondant au chocolat was just delicious. The timing and service were impeccable. The decoration magnificent. If Ollie had an establishment she would have several Michelin stars - maybe it's our good fortune that she doesn't! - Marion Smit, owner and director of Le Chateau de Mailly. 


Ollie first started catering to private and business clients over 25 years ago. She is now based in Burgundy, France and caters for all types of events including breakfasts, gourmet buffets, dinners, weddings or canapé parties. Her experience in entertaining and passion for local, artisanal produce will make your occasion a celebration to remember.

Locations, bar, wait staff, glassware, cutlery, tables, chairs and platters can be arranged at your request.


"A brilliant day! Thank you, Ollie I learnt so much from you. I was especially impressed even having worked in catering for many years." - Kim Heber-Percy Adie, cook and caterer.


From the decadent kitchen in Le Chateau de Mailly, Ollie offers cooking classes that are inspired by the rich and gastronomic tradition of Burgundy. Learn to cook with produce that has been sourced from nearby farmers and markets or foraged from the wild. Create classical French dishes such as terrines, cooked and cured meats, seasonal vegetable mains and accompaniments, pastries and desserts as well as staples for your pantry like sweet and savoury jams.

Ollie’s classes are informative, hands on and entertaining! They offer the opportunity to create, taste, and learn more about the culinary traditions of France as well as its regional and seasonal produce.

To Ollie food is all about coming together and sharing ideas and experiences. Lunch will be made and shared around the communal kitchen table in the chateau.

Please get in touch to learn about upcoming classes or private lessons.

All courses can be delivered in English or French. Ollie is also happy to discuss and recommend wine pairings.


"From the wild chestnuts tossed in sage butter to the salted rose and honey tart served for dessert our dinner party were overwhelmed by Ollie's creative menu and her exquisite attention to detail." - Emma Hellowell, co creator of the Alchemica menu for the supper club TABLE.


From a medieval inspired feast for 20 to an intimate dinner for two, why not let Ollie create an unforgettable gastronomic dining experience in your own residence with a selected group of family and friends.

Ollie has created countless memorable experiences for her clients in destinations that range from luxury hotel barges, ski chalets, villas, châteaux, private city apartments and rural family farms. Whether it’s a week-long sejour or a quiet evening in your own home together you can decide on a menu and Ollie will take care of the details.

Ready-made meals can also be freshly prepared and delivered locally in Burgundy.



"Even after all this time working as a chef, it still excites me to know that I am making people happy and healthy through my food. Trying new ingredients and dishes, creating cooking, sharing and tasting is the most wonderful part of my daily life."- Ollie Timberlake


The food I make is often described as fresh, yet rustic and comforting yet, vibrant. I want to make plates that are beautiful and nourishing, that offer some sort of surprise but never stray too far from their origins. I don’t want people to be intimidated by my cooking. Instead I hope that it will bring people together and create an atmosphere that encourages conversation, comfort, and happiness.

I create food that I delight in making and take great pride in serving. I like using old and trusted recipes with a little twist here and a dash of spice there.  I am influenced by the gastronomic culture of France and my English and Jamaican roots. It’s exciting for me to infuse my food with flavors from these diverse cultures since they have all inspired my cooking in some way.

My food is always sourced with love and consideration. I buy from local organic vegetable farmers, butchers and cheese mongers as often as possible. When the season is right, I pick from my own garden.

My husband is from a wine making family near Chablis. Good wine is part of our daily lives! Paring local wines and ingredients really connects me to the terroir of Burgundy. I love to take my son into the woods to forage for seasonal wild foods like berries, chestnuts, mushrooms, chives and asparagus. Nature is so abundant here. Collecting food in this way is part of the ritual of living in rural France. Partaking in these rituals brings us back to the earth in a profound way.

By the end of autumn, my cupboards are filled with homemade preserves, dried herbs, walnuts and garlands of dried fruits and vegetables. At any time during winter, I can open a jar and be reminded of the essence of the warmer months harvest. Since I create my own first-class ingredients, many of the dishes I prepare have their own signature flavour.

At the end of the day, cooking is an extension of my lifestyle. It’s a part of who I am. To wake up and wonder what I will create in my kitchen brings me so much joy-even if it’s just a simple cake for my family and friends. I hope that through my catering, cooking classes and chef insolite services I might be able to bring this joy into your lives too.