September Reflections on a Beautiful Summer...

It's September already, and just like that, life in Burgundy changes. The holidays suddenly end and a new school and working year begins. It feels like normal life resumes and I finally have a moment to reflect on the memorable events that took place over the summer.

We had what some people might call a 'real' summer this year in France. The sunny days started in May and continued until late August. It was an abundant season in the garden and I am now making preserves to bottle a taste of the summer during the cooler months that lie ahead.

Summer is a time of celebration in France. To holiday, catch up wth friends and family and also the traditional time for one of my favourite celebrations...weddings.

I worked at many beautiful events this year and wanted to share with you some images and my menu from a wedding that I catered for durning July. Julianna and Folko! What a fabulous day! And thank you again to my crew. I couldn't have done it without you.



Champagne reception


Gourgeres, snails in pastry with parsley butter, crudities (cherry tomato & mozzerella, cucumber and salmon sushi, radish flowers, carrot and celery)


Foie gras terrine served with spiced gingerbread, red onion confit and pears poached in red wine


Melon, avocado and pink grapefruit salad with a sweet apple vinaigrette


Duck breast with a dry rub of fresh thyme, pink peppercorns and cracked pepper served with a drizzle of reduced balsamic and porto sauce


Sweet potato roulade filled with baby spinach and ricotta served with roast pepper and aubergine caponata


Epoisses, beaufort, goats cheese and tomme de savoie served with a mixed salad and dried fruits and nuts


Wedding cake: Croque en bouche

Salad of strawberries, with meringue (raspberry swirl) and chantilly cream

Tartelette au Citron

Chocolate fondant ganache cake with a white and dark chocolate drizzle

Caramel biscuits & almond cakes

Coffee and petit fours